Going through a complicated divorce?

At P Smith Attorneys we realise that divorce is about people and sensitive decisions about the future for you and your family, rather than a piece of paper.
We offer support, and trusted legal advice you can rely on. No matter how delicate the situation, we will handle it with dignity and confidentiality.

Need advice on a complex area of commercial law?

We have all the answers you need in a wide range of areas of the law. We offer trusted legal advice to companies, and our skills and experience are constantly on call by both local and international clients. We prepare and vet all business documents to ensure compliance with legislation and common law.

Want to transfer property quickly and efficiently?

Conveyancing and the transfer of property is an intricate part of the law for which one needs the services of a specialised conveyancer. In association with Oosthuizen Du Toit Berg & Boon Attorneys we can get your property transferred without a hitch. Focus on the things that are important to you, while we take care of the process.

Serious about litigation?

Civil action or litigation is a case instituted between two private legal entities or persons in a court. The proceedings of one party or parties against another in a court of law can be very complex, especially considering the procedural rules that must be adhered to during trail. At P Smith Attorneys we know how important your day in court is, and we offer expert assistance with the claim that you may have against another party.

Please browse our website to see what we offer, and don’t hesitate to contact us about any of your legal requirements.